Counselling and
stress management
in Southampton


Healing possibilities

If you're stuck in upsetting emotions, thoughts and habits, counselling could help you nurture a more helpful, kind and aware way to paddle your canoe. Being listened to and mindfully exploring the emotional processes we can all get lost in form the bedrock of my approach to therapy. I regularly use creative methods to help slow things down, clarify what's going on and open up healing possibilities. While counselling is inherently balancing, learning additional stress management methods could also help you cultivate an aware inner peace.

Positive steps

Counselling could help you take positive steps towards:

While I've got many years of experience working with university students, graduates and early career professionals, I enjoy working with people of all ages, backgrounds and identities. Wherever you come from, I'm interested in your story and exploring ways to help you move from stuckness towards freedom.

'Though you can't go back
and make a new beginning,
you can start from now and
make a brand-new ending'
Carl Bard

Hopeful words

'You were flexible, understanding and patient.'
‘Really valued being able to explore and understand things more.’
‘The intensity of anger I was feeling has lessened significantly.’
'I can cope better even though life is still very stressful.'
'A valuable experience which was a great help to me.'

It's good to talk

Based in a peaceful location in Southampton (Bitterne SO19), I offer a free 15 to 20 minute phone or video call and a reduced-fee, no-obligation first appointment to help explore how we could work together. So if you've got any questions or want to check anything out, feel free to get in touch

A six week, focussed counselling / coaching experience that includes learning stress reduction skills. Link goes to partner site.

See how Autogenic Therapy and other mindful, body-honouring practices could help you to cultivate inner peace.