Counselling and
stress management
in Southampton


My approach to therapy
Scroll down to check out the main topics that would come up pretty regularly if we worked together. Follow the links after each summary for further information, supporting videos and practical exercises.

I have developed a creative counselling method based on the model of the five elements that combines all the factors below and which I often use during therapy.

I'm a Gestalt counsellor and recommend this article by Christine Partridge and Juliann Spoth if you want to find out more about this life-affirming, holistic approach.

While grounded in my therapeutic training, regular supervision and ongoing learning, my experiences of navigating life's joyful ups and painful downs also inform what I do.

When therapy helps us get on better with ou
rselves, this may help improve key relationships in our lives. More >

Awareness and listening
Being listened to and listening to others is really important but it's also vital we learn how to listen well to ourselves. More >

helps us explore many of the different factors that make us who we are. It can be quite a journey. More >

Time spent connecting with our emotions and unpacking the messages they contain is time well spent. More >

Creative play
Using hands-on, active and creative methods during counselling may open up more healing possibilities. More >

Balancing and soothing
is no need for unnecessary distress. We can make working with difficult experiences more bearable. More >

Recognising that the mind includes brain, body and relationships can give us more therapeutic options. More >

Being kind
Treating ourselves with self-compassion may sound straightforward but it's often easier said than done. More >