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Autogenic Therapy

Learn to relax with AT

Developed in the 1930s, AT combines mindful body awareness and self-hypnosis that, with regular practice, could help to reduce stress and promote balance and wellbeing. The term ‘Autogenic' is a bit of a mouthful but it's actually a helpful description of the process. As Auto means self and genic means produced or created, Autogenic Therapy literally means 'self created therapy.' So with AT, you really are your own therapist!

'Mindfulness is not complicated,
we just have to remember to do it.'
Sharon Salzberg

Learning AT

What you do

You'd learn four main self-help practices. They build on and support each other to create a comprehensive toolbox of practical and flexible AT exercises. You do the first three mindfulness practices while sitting or lying down with eyes closed.

1 Standard Exercises: There are six of these core, foundation practices which systematically build on each other. Each one takes 10 to 15 minutes and can include an optional body scan.

2 Balancing Exercises: These take between about about 30 seconds and three minutes and often help to calm acute distress.

3 Personal Formulae: Building on the final Standard Exercise, you learn to apply the healing potential of AT to specific issues in your life.

4 Partial Exercises: Done sitting or standing with eyes open, you can use them any time you need a relaxing moment while on the go. Can be used discreetly when with others.

5 Optional Extras: These additional stress-management ideas and activities have helped many of my counselling clients over the years and sit well with AT principles and practices.

If you'd like to try a Standard Exercise taster, please get in touch as this can be offered as part of your initial assessment appointment.

How you learn

If Autogenic Therapy seems right for you:

You need to initially commit up to 30/45 minutes every day to really benefit from learning AT.


Please check these out.

Find out more

Try a body scan
This is the optional body scan you can do before each Standard Exercise. Why not try it now? It may help you feel more grounded and calm. Go to the body scan page.

Autogenic Dynamics
Dr Ian Ross describes the extensive research and neuroscience that underpins AT and related mindfulness practices.

Online resources

Once we agree that now is a good time for you to learn AT, I'll give you access to the secure site below. This has extensive resources to support your initial and ongoing practice. You need to complete all steps of the AT process, including your follow up review, to gain lifetime access. If you do not do this:

Autogenic Therapy resources