Counselling and
stress management
in Southampton


Strengths coaching

Are you making good use of your inner resources? Strengths profile coaching may bring valuable energy, direction and authentic confidence into your life. You can have a one-off session or use this enriching activity as part of ongoing counselling and/or stress management support.

I sometimes hear people say that counsellors work with a deficit model of the human condition i.e. we focus on pain and what's not there instead of positive emotions and what we do have. The Gestalt approach to counselling I use explores both strengths and weaknesses because:

'Walker, there is no path.
The path is made by walking.'
Antonio Machado

Careers guidance

Does your career need some TLC? As well as offering counselling, I've worked as a careers adviser for over 20 years. So if you’re stuck in a rut, we can work together to explore more meaningful options and ways for you to move forwards in your professional life.

If your struggle is more about who you’re working with rather than what you’re doing, or if career issues are seriously impacting all areas of your life, it could be that counselling is what you need. This happiful article explores when career counselling or career coaching may be most helpful.

As a Gestalt coach/therapist (where Gestalt = whole), I encourage people to integrate different forms of communication to help them express and explore what's going on. A significant part of my professional careers guidance role involves typing up action plans to help people clarify where they are now and build practical steps towards a meaningful future. Creative action planning involves combining simple words and basic pictures (and/or abstract squiggles etc), or using other creative communication media such as LEGO, to holistically do the same thing.