Counselling and
stress management
in Southampton


Counselling involves exploring how ingredients like these mix together in the bubbling, ever-changing casserole of our mind:

• Awareness. Our ability to witness and be present.

• Relatedness. The who and what we’re connecting with.

• Cognitions. Thoughts, memories, expectations, images and beliefs.

• Feelings. Our emotions and the needs that drive them.

• Body process. Sensations, posture, breathing, movement and touch.

• Actions. The words we speak and the things we do.

There’s a lot going on here and it all links and moves. For example, if you recall a happy time with someone you get/got on with well, what starts to happen if you allow yourself to settle into that memory? The above threads probably start to weave a rich, familiar pattern you associate with that person. Now bring to mind a slightly painful experience with someone else where there was more distress and conflict in your relationship. You'll probably find yourself looking at a very different tapestry. Now become aware of your breathing for a while. Connect as best you can with your breath and notice what happens. Try a breathing space if you want to bring more awareness to this practice.

So, put some sandwiches and a flask of tea or coffee in your backpack and make sure you've got a compass, a good map and some comfy, sturdy walking boots. There'll be lots to explore as you meet and work with many of the ingredients listed above on your therapy journey!