Counselling and
stress management
in Southampton


Psychotherapy is about changing the brain for the better so we can make more of our lives. In my experience, our culture often seems to struggle with the idea that the brain and nervous system is totally enmeshed with the body. Our mind is more than our thoughts. I think and feel and sense and do and move and relate with awareness, therefore I am.

'The mind is an embodied
and relational process
that regulates the flow

of energy and information.'
Dan Siegel

Knowing that we’re embodied minds gives us more therapeutic options. For example, replacing judgemental thoughts with kinder ones usually leads to more pleasant feelings and body sensations. As relaxing the body also relaxes the brain, body-based soothing activities can also support the process of working with thoughts, feelings and everything else.

There are many body-honouring traditions such as Body Psychotherapy, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing and Yoga. I was involved in Touch for Health before training to be a counsellor and have found great value in simple yet profound acupressure and EFT practices which I may suggest as optional support within therapy.

My holistic counselling approach can involve exploring how breathing, movement and posture interact with thoughts, feelings and much more. This video by James Nestor introduces some of the ways that changing breathing habits can improve wellbeing.

Some body-honouring practices