Counselling and
stress management
in Southampton

Balancing and soothing

Is your life in balance? What does a good balance look like? While I believe it's up to each of us to find our own answer to this, over the years many clients have found it helpful to explore three broad states of mind during therapy.

In the balancing and soothing green zone...
...we have ups and downs but can think pretty clearly, our different emotions are calm enough and contained enough and wise awareness is spending lots of time in the driving seat. This ever-changing, integrating zone is your window of tolerance (or as I call it, your Brainspace).

When life gets too much...
...we leave this middle space. In the conflicted red zone, our inner world gets too hot/fast. Caught in powerful and painful emotions and thoughts, we probably need to weather the storm and slow/cool down our mind. In the collapsed blue zone, life can seem too cold/slow. In this numbed-out state, we may need rest and gradually increase our energy to speed/warm things up.

'You are always moving towards balance
and always disturbing that balance
in living and growing.'
Donna Eden

It’s natural to keep moving through all three states all the time. Problems can arise when your window of tolerance gets too small and your red and blue zones get too big and become toxic. Therapy aims to increase your green zone of clearer thinking and calmer feeling and help you work through difficult times with more supportive resources.

Cultivating inner peace
All counselling activities have the potential to soothe and balance your mind and so support calmer feeling and clearer thinking. However, you may find the following activities especially balancing.