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Welcome. David Whistance

Helping you find your way

I imagine you’re reading this because, in one way or another, you’re struggling, stuck or lost. If we worked together, I hope you’d find a better way to face your difficulties and take meaningful steps towards more balance and wellbeing.

Hello. My name is David Whistance and I'd like to welcome you to Goodwill Guidance. An accredited counsellor who also teaches practical stress management methods, I'm based in peaceful locations in Southampton and Winchester.

As well as offering a space to be heard and listened to, to creatively explore difficult experiences and to practise relaxation and balancing techniques, I can also put on my careers guidance hat if your working life needs some TLC.

This page and the rest of the site say more about what I offer. Check things out. Have a think. And feel free to call me on 07949913737 or send an email if you've got any questions or would like to book an appointment.

With best wishes

'See for yourself what brings
contentment, clarity and peace.
That is the path for you to follow.'
Jack Kornfield

What do you need?

Counselling enables you to explore challenging issues within a special, supportive relationship. Somewhere to help you face difficulties and distress and move towards positive, healing resolution.

Stress management
Autogenic Training (AT) is a practical approach to stress management and self help that has been around for almost 100 years. During an eight week course, you could learn to relax, release difficult emotions and hopefully bring more balance into your life.

Careers guidance
I can put on this hat if you're searching for greater satisfaction and meaning in your career. I also offer strengths-based coaching for professional development and personal issues.

So who and what do you need most? A counsellor to help you face and work through distress and/or roadblocks on your journey? A relaxation skills and self help facilitator? Or someone to help you find your way out of a musty career corner? The Support page says more about how each approach could help and we’d discuss how to best address your needs and goals when we meet.

Riding the waves

Whether navigating manageable ups and downs or being thrown around by powerful forces in your life, it's important you can feel safe and supported when we work together.

When psychological resources are not enough to deal with challenges that comes our way, this can trigger a stress response pattern of flight, fight and freeze behaviours, unhelpful thinking, conflicted emotions and associated physical sensations, such as feeling sick to the stomach if feeling afraid. There are also natural balancing processes, including the relaxation response, that when activated can restore our sense of clarity and inner peace. We can develop our sense of being enough. We can learn and adapt. We can start to feel safe again.

The window of tolerance is a wonderful map that helps many people ride the waves of their inner lives and find their way to calmer waters. I mainly use this emotional sat-nav to support safe exploration during counselling but it can also be a valuable ally for careers guidance and stress management.

Welcome. Calm waters

Issues and possibilities

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we just get stuck. Here are some of the sticky issues I've helped people work through over the years as a counsellor, careers adviser and autogenic therapist.
+ Anxiety, worry and stress are frequent visitors.
+ Then there's depression. Being lost in a dark, lonely and hopeless place.
+ Loss of loved ones. Loss of meaning. Loss of identity. Loss of confidence. Loss of direction.
+ Career uncertainties. Involving what you do and/or who you're doing it with.
+ Relationship problems. All shades and intensities of conflict and rupture.
+ Struggling with emotions such as anger, fear and sadness.
+ And finally, life just getting too much.

If we worked together, I hope you’d experience:
+ A helpful mix of listening, exploring, creating and balancing
+ Important shifts in understanding
+ Meaningful, positive changes in your life.

I can't give you guarantees because no responsible counsellor or helping professional can. With 20+ years in this line of work, I've seen many people connect with deep inner and relational resources that helped them face and overcome difficulties. I’ve witnessed many special moments when our life-giving potential has been nudged, and nudges us, to find acceptance, to learn and to grow. The possibilities for emotional healing, from small to large and from practical to profound, wait quietly and patiently within and between us all.

For Southampton, Hampshire and the South

While about half the people I work with live in Southampton, many come from locations throughout Hampshire and the South including Winchester, Salisbury, Romsey, Portsmouth, Petersfield, New Forest, Fareham, Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford and Bournemouth.

Do you like the idea of working with a counsellor, careers adviser or stress management teacher who doesn't live on your doorstep? Seeing someone a manageable distance from home sometimes helps create a good psychological space.

October 2018 update

Resource of the month
Face your fears
Change or challenge in our career or personal life sometimes brings us face to face with thoughts and feelings we'd rather avoid. Developing the psychological flexibility to gently acknowledge and explore difficult inner experiences may help us to keep doing what matters most.

For other resources and videos that explore counselling, stress management and careers guidance topics, please check out the Resources page.

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We're in this together.

Welcome. rafting

Accredited counsellor offering counselling, stress management and careers guidance to people living in Hampshire and the South. Located in Southampton and Winchester.

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