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Does something need to change?

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we just get stuck. Maybe you're stuck in unresolved issues with family members, your partner, work colleagues or other people which leave you caught in difficult-to-bear tangles of thoughts, emotions and body sensations. Maybe you feel stressed, carried along by powerful waves of habit, obligation or something else. Maybe you flip between this and feeling numbed out, just floating along. Are you thinking 'Is this it? Is this my life now?'

We can end up feeling lost and not knowing what to do for many reasons. Whatever's brought you here, maybe counselling can help you to:

Other support

As well as offering short-term and long-term counselling, you may be interested in:

We can work Face-to-face and online

While many people I work with live in Southampton, some also come from places like Winchester, Salisbury, Romsey, Portsmouth, Petersfield, the New Forest, Fareham, Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford, Basingstoke and Bournemouth. There’s free parking where we’d meet and good bus services to my practice. While I prefer working face-to-face with people, I also offer video appointments which gives flexibility and also enables us to work together if you live further away from Southampton.

It'd be good to hear from you, but please check my availability if you're thinking about arranging an appointment. I wish you well on your healing journey.

David Whistance
Accredited Counsellor

While I hope the whole site gives a sense of how we could work together, this page says a bit about the steps I've taken to get here.

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