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Creative play

Words are vital but we can communicate in so many ways. Hands-on^, creative play can give us additional ways to slow down and explore what's going on.

I often suggest starting with drawing, using felts and pompoms, LEGO or objects in a sand tray (see image below) as these ways to represent what's gong on are usually accessible and comfortable. Other possibilities include writing and poetry, playing with toys, postural and movement experiments and larger scale enactments that involve moving chairs, cushions etc around the therapy room.

'We don't stop playing because we grow old;
we grow old because we stop playing.'
George Bernard Shaw 

While I love using physical creative methods, creativity also encompasses the metaphorical use of language, metal imagery and visualisation to help explore what's going on in your life. If you want to use a very specific creative method as the core therapeutic approach in every session, you may find it better to work with a professional art, dance, drama, music or play therapist.

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Talking and creating
What we do depends on your preferences and needs, so in some sessions talking will be enough. This video may give you a sense of how creative play can be an enriching and empowering part of counselling.

^ Please note that you need to either wash your hands or use antibacterial gel before touching any creative resources used by other people. See Learning from COVID.