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stress management
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Acupoint Touch and Tapping

Ancient healing meets modern science
I've regularly seen in myself and others how holding or tapping key acupressure points can help to soothe and balance the embodied mind and so support calmer emotions, clearer thinking and wiser actions. If you want to dive into the science behind this ancient healing art, there's strong research which shows that acupoint-based interventions can effectively treat PTSD (trauma), anxiety, depression and much more.

'EFT is simple
but people are complex.'
Ann Adams

Simple techniques, complex issues
Many psychological wellbeing practices have an elegant simplicity to them. Acupoint techniques are just the same i.e. you tune into what's distressing you as you gently work on a short sequence of acupressure points. Their locations are easy to learn, as shown by the fact that children usually find it easy and enjoyable to use these methods.

I may suggest acupoint practices to bring more balance and soothing to your nervous system and to support calmer exploration of feelings. However, what we do would depend on your preferences and needs. For example, as you focus on what you're experiencing you could:

  • Talk or be silent

  • Tap your points or gently hold them

  • Work on your points or combine with other creative approaches e.g. Picture Tapping.

While I value acupoint touch and tapping methods:

  • There are many wonderful embodied ways to promote balance

  • Being heard and accepted as you explore what's going, maybe with a mindful serving of creative playfulness, can also support inner peace and balance

  • I use my counselling experience to guide what balancing practices I use and how I use them as we explore, and seek to gently unravel, some of the knots in your life.

Meet some Acupoints
Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a standardised and well researched approach to acupoint tapping. This image shows the locations of the EFT points Peta Stapleton uses in her stress reduction video below.

Get practical
Touch and breathe
The above is all well and good, but as the saying goes, an ounce of practice is worth several tonnes of theory. This video by Michael Gach shows how to combine slow, deep breathing with gently holding a sequence of three relaxing acupressure points. If you’re feeling stressed, anxious or fed up, holding each point for one or two minutes may bring balance and soothing. To check out more stress-relief practices by Michael, go to

Tap and talk
This video by Clinical and Health Psychologist Peta Stapleton takes you through a general EFT procedure to reduce stress. Two vital factors in EFT are to use your words and to focus on specific aspects of what's going on for you. So as you follow the video, be aware of the words you wish Peta would say if she was speaking directly to your condition. If you like being talked through the process, you may like Tap with Brad (Free) and The Tapping Solution (App).