Counselling and
stress management
in Southampton

Stress Management

Riding the waves
At the risk of over-simplifying things, there's managing life's ups and downs and then there's having a sense that life is just too much. When life gets too demanding, feeling...

  • Overwhelmed

  • Anxious

  • Pressurised

  • Numbed out and

  • Exhausted...

...are some common signs of being stressed.

Gestalt counselling is the bedrock and guiding light of my approach to help you manage stress better and bring more balance into your life. You may also benefit from learning self-help practices to build your inner resources. The methods I promote most are shown below so just follow the links if you want to find out more. If we work together, I may suggest additional strategies depending on your needs and preferences.

Exploring sources of emotional pain and the strategies you use to manage this could lead to healing moments that nurture peace of mind.
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Autogenic Therapy
AT combines self-hypnosis and mindfulness. Learn in a course over two months or take more time and integrate with counselling if needed.
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Acupoint Touch and Tapping
If you gently hold or tap acupressure points at key times during counselling, this may reduce stress, help you think more clearly and support therapy.
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Breathing Space
This adaptable mindfulness practice may help return your awareness to the driving seat and increase your sense of inner peace.
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A practical way to restore balance, boost your awareness and fine tune your thoughts and actions any time you need to hit your reset button.
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