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'I'd like to ask about...'

Your questions matter and hopefully I answer them below or on other pages of the site. If questions remain, please feel free to get in touch. I offer a free initial phone call plus half price, no obligation first appointment to help you get the information you need.

'How do I get in touch?'

Just call 07949913737 or send an email.
I shall reply as soon as possible which is generally within 24 hours (excluding weekends).

‘What are your fees?'

15 minute phone call: Free
50 minute initial assessment: £20*
50 minute standard appointment: £40*
90 minute long appointment: £55*+
+ Considered on an individual basis.

Stress Management
15 minute phone call: Free
50 minute initial assessment: £20*
Eight week Autogenic Training course (one session each week) plus one follow up session about six weeks later: £270, payable in advance. For groups of two to five, the course is £210 per person. Individual sessions last up to one hour. Group sessions last between one and a half and two hours.
Refresher sessions: Individual £10. Small group £5 per person.

Careers Guidance
15 minute phone call: Free
50 minute initial assessment: £20*
50 minute standard appointment: £40*

Strengths Profile debrief
This could be a stand alone activity or form part of counselling or careers guidance.
15 minute phone call: Free
50 minute initial assessment: £20*
90 minute coaching session: £100* #
# This includes a £55 session fee, the £32.40 (I get a 10% reduction as a qualified strengths profile coach) for purchasing an Expert Strengths Profile and a nominal charge for reviewing your profile before the session. As this is usually quite a 'full on' experience, it also includes a tea or coffee break after the initial one hour debrief. This gives you some space to pause and process our initial conversation. We use the remaining time to build on any key themes that may have emerged to help you leave with a coherent action plan.

Fee FAQs
* The full fee is usually payable if you do not attend, or cancel within 24 hours of, your appointment.

Choosing to face important issues and take steps towards greater wellbeing usually takes time, resources and a rebalancing of priorities. If your financial situation is genuinely a challenge I ask you to wait for six sessions before exploring the possibility of modest fee reduction for counselling or careers guidance.

If considering an AT course, it is important to commit to learn the whole package so I request you pay the full fee in advance but only after you’ve had an opportunity to find out what you’d be letting yourself in for!

Eastleigh College students completing Gestalt counselling training may access half price appointments in Southampton and three quarter price appointments in Winchester (this is due to the cost of room hire in Winchester).

If you, or other people you know, are really struggling financially, I recommend the Olive Branch in Winchester for counselling and Springboard in Chandlers Ford for careers guidance.

‘Where and when would we meet?’

Feel free to take a seat at the Southampton practice while we talk this through!

Appointments. Welcome

In terms of where, I'd give you the relevant address when we arrange your initial appointment.

Times-wise, this is what I offer but please contact me to check current availability.

Monday: Afternoon
Tuesday: Evening
Thursday: Evening
Saturday: Morning

Monday: Evening

‘What can I expect?’

Your first appointment is an opportunity to talk about what brings you here and for both of us to consider if and how we could work well together. We may get stuck into issues in your first appointment if you come for careers guidance. For strengths coaching, the first appointment is used to get as clear as possible about the key goal we will focus on during your Strengths Profile debrief. During your initial assessment and ongoing check ins, I may use straightforward evaluation methods to help us clarify your needs and goals and how best to respond to them.

I see most people once every week at the same time on the same day. I may offer counselling once a fortnight, especially if we agree to have 90 minute appointments.

If you think counselling will be our main focus, the British Association for Counselling and Pyschotherapy have great advice on what to expect.

Please check out the Support section to find out more about what counselling, stress management, strengths coaching and careers guidance typically involve.

I treat all enquiries as private and confidential within professional association guidelines.

‘I’m really struggling!’

If you're very concerned about your mental health, I recommend that you speak with your GP as soon as possible even if you're actively reaching out to counsellors, psychotherapists or other helping professionals.

Please call NHS 111 or the Samaritans on 116 123 any time of the day or night if you are experiencing unbearable emotional pain.

Accredited counsellor offering counselling, stress management and careers guidance to people living in Hampshire and the South. Located in Southampton and Winchester.

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