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Is there too much distress in your life? Counselling could help you find freedom from painful feelings/thoughts/body sensations and unhelpful habits. It could help you get on better with yourself and enrich important relationships.

Even if you don't feel particularly whole, I would work with the whole you. This Involves exploring both the strengths that empower you and difficult experiences that can also be sources of learning and growth.

The Direction page describes some strategies that I regularly use as part of the counselling process.

Resource: The Gestalt approach (PDF)
While bucket loads of research shows how you get on with your therapist matters much more than the theories and techniques they use, you may wish to find out more about the Humanistic Gestalt tradition. This provides deep foundations for therapeutic counselling and a rich, integrating framework for all my offerings.

Resource: Three brains in one (Video)
The brain is amazing. It really is. Gestalt means whole and this approach to helping recognises how brain and body are profoundly, holistically integrated. Researcher Robert Sapolsky gives us an engaging glimpse of the rich web of connections between the physical, emotional and thinking parts of the brain that drive our behaviour.

Support. Psychological wellbeing

Autogenic Training

AT is a practical and holistic approach to self care that has been around for almost 100 years.

Meeting once a week for eight weeks, with a follow up session about a month later, you learn a range of straightforward mindfulness techniques to promote relaxation and more active methods to support healthy emotional release and processing. Autogenic Training practices last between 10 seconds and 10 minutes and could bring many balancing and restoring moments into your life.

You will get the most out of AT if you can commit to practising the new relaxation and self help techniques you learn each week for at least twenty minutes in total every day. Some people may need counselling or other support first to get to a good enough place to really benefit from this course.

Resource: leArn To relax (PDF)
Find out more about what doing the Autogenic Training course involves. Who knows, AT might be just what you're looking for.

Strengths coaching

Yes, there is darkness in the human condition. But there is also light. The field of positive psychology celebrates our inner and relational qualities and mapping human strengths is a vital and wisdom-giving tree in this rich landscape.

Are you making good use of your strengths in all areas of your life? If not, I offer Strengths Profile coaching which may bring you valuable energy and clarity and help you become your best SELF.

You may wish to just have a one-off strengths coaching session. Alternatively, you could use this to support longer term counselling, stress management or careers guidance work.

Resource: Use your strengths
Check out the free Character Strengths questionnaire for a hopefully illuminating and energising strengths boost.

Careers guidance

Stuck in a rut? Careers guidance could help you find more meaningful options and greater clarity about how to move forwards.

It tends to be shorter term with practical actions between appointments. Typical topics include exploring career ideas, improving applications, mock interviews and action planning.

Workplace issues involving confidence, overload, bullying or interpersonal conflict may indicate the need for additional support such as counselling.

Resource: Face your fears (Video)
Developing the psychological flexibility to gently acknowledge and explore difficult inner experiences may help you do what matters most in your career and personal life.

Accredited counsellor offering counselling, stress management and careers guidance to people living in Hampshire and the South. Located in Southampton and Winchester.

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