Counselling and
stress management
in Southampton

Ongoing counselling

My hourly fee is £50

I offer some concessions and also invite you to consider higher fees within the guiding, sliding scale shown below. Here's another sliding scale at a community agency similar to where I volunteered for ten years while also establishing Goodwill Guidance. Inviting people who can pay more to do so helps agencies offer affordable counselling to those on lower incomes. I enjoy working with people from all backgrounds and the ability to pay guidelines below help me do this fairly if you'd like me to consider your individual circumstances. Please note that concessionary rates (below £50 a session) are offered to people who regularly attend weekly appointments unless unavoidable factors (see working agreement) prevent this.

Income Session
Up to £19,999 £30

£20k to £24,999 £35

£25k to £29,999 £40

£30k to £34,999 £50

£35k to £39,999 £55

£40k to £44,999 £60

£45k to £49,999 £65

Over £50k £70

Local counsellor fees

Accredited £50.89

Registered £48.08

Data source: BACP Therapist Directory search on 09/04/22: First 100 registered (N = 72) and accredited (N = 28) counsellors nearest my postcode. Average fees per session are shown.

Longer, deep-dive sessions

Two or three^ hour deep-dive sessions are agreed on an individual, case-by-case basis. They are for people who are settled and established in the counselling process, are able to self-regulate emotional distress and are clear about the issue they want to explore. If paying £50 per hour and above for standard appointments, I offer a £5 reduction per hour for hours one and two and a £10 per hour reduction for hours three and four^. Deep-dive sessions typically combine a range of creative experiments, a balancing practice and spaces for talking and quiet reflection.
^ Three hours is usually the maximum I offer.