Counselling and
stress management
in Southampton

Appointment FAQs

Your questions matter
opefully I answer them below or in the working agreement, but if you can't find what you're looking for, please feel free to get in touch. I offer a free initial phone or video call plus half price, no obligation first appointment to help you find what you need.

COVID-aware practice
Here are the
government guidelines.
Please refer to the working agreement for details of how I
promote safe practice if we meet face to face. I also offer Zoom and phone appointments.

This is on the News page.


This is central to my guiding ethical framework. If I get concerned that you may harm yourself or another, I'll discuss this with you and explore options for extra support. My working agreement says more about how I maintain a safe and confidential space.

I discuss counselling issues with my supervisor who also maintains confidentiality.

Money FAQs

First steps
20 minute phone or video call: Free
/60+ minute initial assessment appointment: £20
+ See 'Learning from COVID' below for more information about longer sessions.

Ongoing support
/60+ minute standard weekly# appointments: £40
90 minute appointments (agreed individually): £60
90 minute strengths coaching session: £100*
# Fortnightly
: Agreed individually.
* Includes cost of your Expert Profile.

Autogenic Therapy course
£275 if learning one to one.
£200 per person for groups of two to five.
Individual sessions last up to one hour. Group sessions last between one and a half and two hours.
£20 for a one to one refresher session.
£10 for a group practice.

Cancellation policy
The full fee is usually payable if you do not attend, or cancel within 24 hours of, your appointment.

Paying less or more
If your financial situation is difficult, I ask you to wait for six sessions before exploring the possibility of modest fee reductions. If your financial situation allows, are you willing to pay a higher fee
? The 'How much will my counselling cost?' section on this community counselling site in London gives some useful ideas of how fees may vary by income.

Learning from COVID

Longer sessions
To allow time for handwashing and other enhanced safety measures, I now offer up to 60 minutes for face to face appointments. I also offer up to 60 minutes for phone and video appointments.

The counselling hour is usually 50 minutes and there are various reasons for this e.g. many people find this is enough when working with particularly intense issues. So, if we are at the 50 minute point (or between 50 and 60 minutes) and have a sense that this is a good time to end, we may agree to do just that. Sometimes, less is more.

We can work online if needed
If either of us has a cold but feels OK to meet, rather than bringing germs into a shared space, I ask that we work online instead. This now has extra relevance given that COVID symptoms for many people may overlap with those of colds and flu.

Sometimes, if time is really tight or energy levels are low, connecting online is the better option. Let's look after ourselves!

If you're struggling

Take care of yourself
If you're concerned about your mental health, please speak with your GP as soon as possible even if you're reaching out to counsellors, psychotherapists or other professionals.

Call NHS 111 or the Samaritans on 116 123 any time of the day or night if you are experiencing unbearable emotional pain.

Feel free to check out other local support on Counselling Southampton Info.

Don't suffer in silence.
Get support.
You're not alone.

Face to face space

A spacious, calm room with easy access to lots of creative resources.