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stress management
in Southampton

AT fees and options


Learn a new AT practice each week
We meet once a week for seven sessions with a follow up about a month later. AT can be learned without having counselling but if you're having counselling, we suspend this while you do the course. Individual sessions last up to one hour and group sessions last up to one and a half hours. Please let me know if you'd like to learn in a group and we can talk through the benefits and practicalities of this.

£40 initial assessment.
£400 if learning one to one.
£250 per person for groups of two to four.
Payment is required before starting the course.
Hopefully, you'll complete the course within two months. However, if you need to take a break from learning AT, you'll have up to one year to finish the course from the day you have your first lesson.

The course option is best if you're:

With counselling

Learn at your pace
No additional cost with this option as it's covered by the agreed hourly fee. Your one month follow up review is charged at the £40 assessment rate if you've ended counselling then.

It can take anywhere between three to six months to learn AT this way. Some weeks, we may spend up to half an hour on AT while other times we may only do a brief check in on your practice. The aim is to learn AT at a pace that fits well with your counselling journey so that both forms of support work together to help you.

The with counselling option is best if you're:

Refresher sessions

£40 for one to one session (one hour).

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