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Energy psychology

Ancient healing meets modern science

I've regularly seen in myself and others how holding or tapping key acupressure points can help to soothe and balance the embodied mind and so support calmer emotions, clearer thinking and wiser actions. If you want to dive into the science behind this ancient healing art, there's solid research which shows that modern acupoint-based interventions (the formal term being energy psychology) can effectively treat PTSD (trauma), anxiety, depression and much more.

Simple techniques, complex issues

Many psychological wellbeing practices have an elegant simplicity to them. Energy psychology techniques are just the same i.e. you tune into what's distressing you as you gently work on a short sequence of acupressure points. Their locations are easy to learn, as shown by the fact that children usually find it easy and enjoyable to use these points. At the same time, the skilful application of any therapeutic technique usually takes lots of practice as the complexities of the human condition often confuse and obscure the practical healing steps we can take to move forwards.

'EFT calms you down
so you can think more clearly.'
Ann Adams

My approach

I trained in Touch for Health in the 1990s and have also completed other energy psychology courses in areas such as EFT and acupressure meditation. I regularly benefit from using these methods on myself, and offer a few techniques as an optional balancing and soothing strategy in therapy.

I'm happy being first and foremost a Gestalt counsellor and use these and other regulating and resourcing methods to support the counselling process. If you want to use focussed energy psychology methods as the primary intervention in every session, this is not what I offer and suggest you work with another therapist qualified in energy psychology. Similarly, even though these methods can be very helpful, if you don't feel an increasingly uplifting pull to use them over time, we can use other stress management techniques to support therapy if needed.

Try it out

This video by Clinical and Health Psychologist Peta Stapleton takes you through a general Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) procedure to reduce stress. Here's a core technique summary to get you started. Two vital factors in clinical EFT are to use your words and to focus on specific aspects of what's going on for you. So as you follow the video, be aware of the words you wish Peta would say if she was speaking directly to your condition. If you like being talked through the process, you may like Tap with Brad (Free) and The Tapping Solution (App).