Counselling and
stress management
in Southampton

Five element awareness play

Interested in this ancient model of life for over 30 years, I've developed a holistic approach that uses five element metaphors to help people practically explore emotional pain and protective habits that can get us stuck. This has helped many of my counselling clients and I teach this method to other therapists.

We can link each element to key emotions, needs and more and use physical metaphors such as felts and pompoms to slowly and playfully see how the different parts of your experience can fit together. During therapy, I provide suggestions, based on traditional models of the five elements and my clinical experiences, of what the five elements could mean. Here's a taste of each element which I've linked to a season and life question.

A time for growing.
Who are you becoming?

Early summer.
A time for maturing.
What do you want to create?

Late summer.
A time for harvesting.
How do you want to connect?

A time for returning.
What do you need to let go of?


A time for deepening.
What have you learned?