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Autogenic Therapy

Learn to relax with AT
While sharing similarities with contemporary mindfulness-based stress reduction approaches, AT is a unique holistic self-help and stress management system that combines body awareness, self hypnosis and practical strategies to release and process difficult emotions.

Regular practice of Autogenic Therapy may bring you meaningful moments of:
• Relaxation
• Release and
• Restoration.

The term ‘Autogenic Therapy' is a bit of a mouthful but it clearly describes what it's all about. As auto means self and genic means produced or created, Autogenic Therapy means 'self created therapy.'

So with AT, you really are your own therapist!

'Meditation is not evasion;
it is a serene encounter
with reality.'
Thich Nhat Hanh

The course

What you learn
You'd learn five self-help practices on the course. They build on and support each other to create a comprehensive toolbox of practical and flexible AT exercises. You do the first three mindfulness practices while sitting or lying down with eyes closed.

1 Standard Exercises: There are six of these core, foundation practices which build on each other week by week. Each one takes about 10 minutes and includes a body scan.

2 Stabilising Exercises: These take between about 20 and 90 seconds and can often help to calm acute distress.

3 Personal Formulae: Building on the final Standard Exercise, you learn to apply the healing potential of AT to specific issues in your life.

4 Partial Exercises: Done sitting or standing with eyes open, you can use them any time you need a relaxing moment while on the go. Can be used discreetly when with others.

5 Intentional Exercises: These could help release and process difficult emotions. They involve standing up, moving your body and (unlike the above exercises which you guide by saying key phrases silently in your mind) speaking out loud.

If you'd like to try a Standard Exercise taster, please get in touch as this is offered as part of your initial assessment appointment.

How you learn
If Autogenic Therapy seems right for you:
• You can learn it on your own or in a small group.
• We’d meet once a week for 7 weeks and then around a month later.
• You learn new parts of the AT system each week.
• We can adapt sessions to meet your specific needs.
• After the course, you can develop an AT practice that works for you.

You need to commit 20 to 30 minutes in total each day to reap the benefits from your AT practices.

You will be given a booklet that supports you through every step of your AT journey. It includes additional stress-management resources that, while not part of the official AT curriculum, have helped many of my clients over the years and link AT principles and practices with other forms of helping.

These are in the Money FAQs on the
Appointment FAQs page.

Therapy rather than Training
The course I teach is officially called Autogenic Training as there are other methods in the Autogenic Therapy family. However, Autogenic Training can be highly therapeutic and it's often the only method that people learn. In light of this, I talk about Therapy rather than Training to acknowledge its healing potential.

Find out more

Try a body scan
This is adapted from the AT body scan you'd do before each Standard Exercise. Why not try it now? It may help you feel more grounded and calm. Go to the body scan page.

Autogenic Therapy
British Autogenic Society
This professional association oversees the training and
development of Autogenic Therapists in the UK.

Autogenic Dynamics
Dr Ian Ross describes extensive research underpinning AT and related practices.

Another body-based practice
Touch and breathe
Like AT, acupressure is a ba
lancing and soothing approach grounded in awareness of what's going on in the body. Both approaches are holistic as they recognise that our thoughts, feelings, body process (sensations, posture, breathing, movement and touch), actions and more are profoundly inter-linked.