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Open access pages

  • Information, advice and videos anyone can use

  • Links in 'Client Resources' sections go to related secure pages providing additional support

Secure client pages

  • Information and advice for Goodwill Guidance clients only

  • Available to those in ongoing counselling on or after 01/08/2022

  • Google account / email needed to arrange access

  • Use of these pages is covered by the lifetime access terms of use.

Lifetime access terms of use

  • 'Secure page/s' and 'resource/s' refers to password protected web pages administered by me that are accessed by people receiving ongoing counselling (see above), by people who learn Autogenic Therapy and by people who attend What's in the driving seat? workshops

  • 'I', 'me' and 'my' refer to David Whistance trading as Goodwill Guidance

  • 'You' and 'your' refers to anyone who requests, and is given access to, these secure pages

  • Accessing any secure page demonstrates that you agree with Google's Privacy Policy

  • Your details are held in the strictest confidence by me and covered by GDPR and related privacy legislation

  • Lifetime access is offered to people who attend workshops, private clients who attend a minimum of three appointments and EAP or health insurance clients who attend a minimum of six appointments

  • Autogenic Therapy: Additional access terms are on the main AT page

  • While I cannot guarantee that you will have access for your lifetime, it is my intention and hope that you'll have access to these resources for as long as you need them

  • I may update any resource at any time

  • If I need to stop or pause your access, for example if technical issues require me to move resources to another secure platform, I shall give you at least 24 hours notice where possible

Please contact me if you:

  • No longer wish to have access

  • Have any questions about any resources and lifetime access terms of use.