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Resources to help you find your way

Finding the right information or advice at the right time can sometimes be profoundly helpful. Here are some ideas that have helped many of my clients. Maybe some of them could help you too.


Helpful helping
Developing a good working relationship matters. This Open University video explores why it’s central to achieving positive outcomes from counselling/psychotherapeutic encounters.

Still curious after watching the video? Here are 50 signs of good therapy.

Creative experiments
Creative, sensory play is an important part of my work. There is a respectful, step by step process to developing any optional, creative experiments.

This SoulPancake video may give you a taste of how the creative process could help you to pause, reflect and potentially reveal new possibilities.

The Gestalt approach
While how you get on with your therapist usually matters more than the theories and techniques they use (see 'Helpful helping' above and large-scale research findings), you may wish to find out more about the Humanistic Gestalt tradition which underpins my work.

This article from Coaching Today gives a great introduction to this holistic and life affirming approach.

Stress Management

Learn to relax
Dr Herbert Benson wrote The Relaxation Response in 1975. Since then, thousands of studies have shown how regular practice of relaxation exercises supports physical and mental wellbeing.

There are many ways to promote balance and inner peace. Here’s Dr Benson’s approach.

Take a breather
Interested in Autogenic Training? For almost 100 years, this practical, self-help system has helped people manage stress and promote well-being. It shares much with modern mindfulness approaches.

Professor Mark Williams champions mindfulness in the NHS. Here’s his three minute breathing space that may help you get your feet back on the ground if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Your balancing touch
Many counsellors and psychotherapists recognize the benefits of integrating body-based, energy psychology methods. These techniques also have significant self-help potential.

While there are many energy psychology approaches, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is probably the most widespread. You can find out more at the Tapping Solution.

Resources. Relaxation metaphor

'The Relaxation Response is a natural gift that anyone can turn on and use.'
Dr Herbert Benson

Careers Guidance

Face your fears
Change or challenge in our career or personal life sometimes brings us face to face with thoughts and feelings we'd rather avoid. Developing the psychological flexibility to gently acknowledge and explore difficult inner experiences may help us keep doing what matters most.

Know thyself
Self awareness helps us find the types of work that make good use of our strengths. It also supports other areas of our life. The Truity TypeFinder (free research edition) helps you explore a personality model that could inform both your career development and relationships. Register for free to complete this and other free and charged tests.

iCould do this
Are you exploring your career options? At some point, you may find it really helpful to speak with people doing the kinds of work you are considering. iCould gives a wide range of engaging case studies which could support your research and information interviewing.

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