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Welcome. David Whistance

Helping you find your way

Hello and welcome to Goodwill Guidance.

My name is David Whistance and I'm an accredited Counsellor, Autogenic Therapist and Careers Adviser.

Working from peaceful locations in Southampton and Winchester, maybe I can help you find your way through important personal and/or career issues.

If we worked together, I hope you’d experience being listened to and accepted for who you are as well as being helped to make practical and meaningful changes.

I hope the following pages give you what you need.

Still left with any questions? Feel free to ask.

With best wishes,


What do you need?

Counselling enables you to explore important areas of your life within a special, supportive relationship. Somewhere to help you face difficulties and distress and work towards positive, healing possibilities.

Autogenic Training (AT) is a practical approach to stress and anxiety management. AT uses accessible awareness (mindfulness) practices that, since the 1930s, have helped thousands of people to improve inner calm and emotional balance.

I can put on my careers guidance hat if you're searching for greater satisfaction and meaning in the working part of your life.

If we worked together, we'd agree on the best mix of these ingredients for you. For example, some people who work with a counsellor may benefit from learning practical stress management techniques. In other cases, counselling or stress management may be all they need.

Many who complete careers guidance find this does the job (excuse the pun...) to boost confidence in different career planning areas. However, I can put on my counselling or stress management hat if we need to work with deeper blocks to progress.

Finding your rhythm

People come to see me for many reasons including:-
- Anxiety and worry
- Bereavement and loss
- Career struggles
- Conflict in important relationships
- Confusion
- Depression
- Not OK and stuck
- OK but stuck
- Lack of confidence
- Lingering effects of distressing experiences
- Loss of direction
- Stress

If we worked together on the above or similar issues, it may help to press your pause or slow down buttons from time to time. While the helping process as a whole may help to change your inner tempo, other activities could support this such as stress management / balancing exercises or exploring topics using creative experiments as part of the counselling process.

Activities like these may help you connect with calm, restoring natural rhythms and inner wisdom that can be drowned out by everyday demands.

For Southampton, Hampshire and the South

While about half the people I work with live in Southampton, many come from locations throughout Hampshire and the South including Winchester, Salisbury, Romsey, Portsmouth, Petersfield, New Forest, Fareham, Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford and Bournemouth.

Do you like the idea of working with a helping professional who doesn't live on your doorstep? Seeing someone a manageable distance from home sometimes helps create a good psychological space.

Resource of the month

September 2017: Creative Experiments
Creative, sensory play is an important part of my work. There is a respectful, step by step process to developing any optional, creative experiments.

The video may give you a taste of how the creative process could help you to pause, reflect and potentially reveal new possibilities.

Welcome. creative experiments

Play video

For other videos and resources that explore counselling, stress management and careers guidance topics, please check out the Goodwill Guidance resources website.

Accredited counsellor offering counselling, stress management and careers guidance to people living in Hampshire and the South. Located in Southampton and Winchester.

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